LCD Soundsystem comeback album could be released in merely six weeksLcd Soundsystem James Murphy Webster Hall

LCD Soundsystem comeback album could be released in merely six weeks

LCD Soundsystem‘s triumphant comeback will soon reach its crescendo when the band’s long-awaited fourth studio album finally hits shelves, which could be as soon as mid-July according to a recent statement from James Murphy. In a characteristically lengthy and transparent Facebook post, Murphy has updated fans following his announcement on stage at Sasquatch Festival:

“We’re done with the record. Like, totally done with the music and mixing. Just some art stuff to finish, but it’s been mastered already and the lacquers are winging their way to the pressing plant.”

The album is slated to hit shelves literally, with the production process being slowed due to the band’s desire to deliver physical copies of the album on vinyl on the LP’s official release date. Putting a rough timeline on when we can expect the new record, Murphy admits, “six weeks is the very fastest, I think, but it will likely be longer than that.” LCD’s factotum further elaborates that he’s “wrangling the fastest route between final mix and record release,” adding that he believes “it’ll be soon.” Charming as always, Murphy thanks fans for their patience throughout the tantalizingly long wait for the band’s official return.

Sadly, the statement concludes with news that LCD’s still unnamed fourth album will be the final work recorded at the original DFA Studios, the band’s Manhattan home for over 20 years. Officially ending an era as DFA Studios closes shop, LCD Soundsystem’s upcoming new album could be ready as soon as next month, officially ushering in the band’s exciting next chapter.

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