Madou make their laid-back debut on OWSLA’s NEST with ‘Nowhere Else’ [Exclusive]Madou Kelly De Block

Madou make their laid-back debut on OWSLA’s NEST with ‘Nowhere Else’ [Exclusive]

Though Jochen Sablon and Vincent De Boeck have prolific histories in the Belgian dance music scene, they’ve only just begun their venture into stateside consciousness. As Madou, the duo may be newcomers to the American music industry, but their tasteful production is likely to soon make a lasting imprint.

In their recently-launched project, Sablon and De Boeck proved their knack for combining an eclectic range of stirring garage, house, and downtempo elements with their first single, “Changing.” With this recent release, Madou began to define themselves as sitting somewhere in the stylistic nexus of Jamie xx, Four Tet, and Moderat.

Madou’s newest track, “Nowhere Else,” fuses these varied, sedate influences into a deep, warm melange of house and indie dance. The song’s sultry vocal line builds upon subdued bass patterns, stripped-back rhythms, timpani-like chimes, which culminate in an end product which is likely to garner significant attention in the coming months.

Already supported by The Magician in his Magic Tape 68, “Nowhere Else” is backed by OWSLA’s NEST.

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