Watch This: Experience Coachella’s trippy Antarctic dome for yourselfAntarctica Dome Coachella

Watch This: Experience Coachella’s trippy Antarctic dome for yourself

The main attraction at Coachella has always been, of course, its musical performances. The art installations, however, are no slouches, with 2017’s standout Antarctic dome wowing attendees with the largest ever projection inside a geodesic dome.

This groundbreaking concept, dubbed “Chrysalis,” is the brainchild of Obscura Digital creative studios, who have been responsible for a number of impressive lighting installations around the world.

The dome itself features intricate, detailed graphics and offers its 500 capacity crowd an unforgettable psychedelic experience. Obscura Digital has also recently posted an 8 minute, 360 degree video to offer viewers a taste of the same immersive experience from the comfort of their homes.

In the words of Chrysalis’ creative director Joshua Pipic, “We started with the idea of campers gathering around a fire together in the wilderness, and embarking on this psychedelic experience after that. The power of the dome it is that it’s not just a VR headset — it’s giant and powerful and really takes up your complete field of vision, people overuse the word ‘immersive,’ but it’s the most immersive thing I’ve ever worked on.”

Judging by its scale and the response to the installation, the dome seems poised to be a mainstay at Coachella.

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