Over 100 ravers throw a Project X style rager in a gorgeous AirBnbAirbnb Rave

Over 100 ravers throw a Project X style rager in a gorgeous AirBnb

AirBnB is one of the most popular and simple ways to plan a getaway anywhere in the world. From bungalows on the beach, to exquisite mansions in the countryside, one can book a place to stay in the most lavish of rentals.

Although there are house rules that most owners stress for people staying in these rentals, sometimes the guests get out of control. On Saturday night in the Westminster district, over 100 ravers took over a posh flat to have an insane party which lasted until Sunday morning. Neighbors living in nearby properties — which go for over £1 million — claim that partiers were spilling onto the street, apparently smashing bottles on the road, and causing a major disturbance.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, one reported that, “At first when we woke up we thought it was an open air concert happening in our road. It was like Notting Hill Carnival. It wasn’t just people in the flat, there were people in the street too.”

“It was like one of those things you see in the movies, like a Facebook party that just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Westminster City Council were called to the party but realized there were too many people for it to deal with. Police turned up at around 3:30am on Sunday morning, though they were unable to shut it down as “noise pollution is not a matter for the police.”

The party ended up running until 7:30am on Sunday, shortly before those responsible were spotted leaving with their sound system.

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