Eventbrite has acquired Ticketfly in agreement with Pandora for $200 millionEventbrite Dancingastronaut

Eventbrite has acquired Ticketfly in agreement with Pandora for $200 million

Eventbrite has entered into agreement to purchase Ticketfly from Pandora for $200 million. Having acquired Ticketfly in 2015 for $450 million, Pandora reportedly decided to offload the ticketing platform after receiving a $480 million investment from SiriusXM, which will give the satellite radio company 16 % ownership of the streaming platform on an as-converted basis.

Julia Hartz, CEO and co-founder of Eventbrite, issued the following statement regarding the acquisition:

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we see immense alignment and opportunity with this union, especially as we continue to expand Eventbrite’s global footprint in music…together with Ticketfly, we will focus our collective energy on further developing our unparalleled solution and superior services for indie music venues and promoters around the world”

Moving forward, Ticketfly and Eventbrite will work together to create a transformational platform for both independent venues and promoters by giving listeners easy access to live events through highly targeted ticket sales.

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