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Just A Gent – You’ll Never Know (feat. Moza)

With each release, Australian wunderkind Just A Gent continues to create delightfully evocative and highly-accessible tracks. The release of his Stories To Tell EP last year drew immense attention to the young producer, giving him an ample spotlight to showcase his forward-thinking approach to the future bass genre. With his debonair appearance and a signature sound that harmonizes a playful tenor with impassioned synth arrangements, Just A Gent is capable of resonating a unique sentiment within every production.

Now, after a somewhat lengthy recess spent working in the studio, the burgeoning artist reemerges with a resounding new masterpiece. Teaming up with fellow Australian vocalist Moza, Just A Gent delivers his newest piece, “You’ll Never Know” off Lowly Palace. The single instantly falls in line with the producer’s emotive and heart-rending soundscapes, leading in with a haunting timbre before giving the floor to Moza’s sumptuous lyricism to create a piece of boundless value.


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