Goldwash – Why Hide It (Original Mix)Goldwash Why Hide It

Goldwash – Why Hide It (Original Mix)

Goldwash is a Los Angeles-based producer and coiner of the term “existential funk,” which he uses to describe his style of funk-influenced, emotionally-laden electronic music. Last year he released his hugely successful debut EP LDR, which included the single “Honest,” released on Boiler Room. Now, the artist is back with his first single since the release of LDR, showing that he has no intention of slowing down the existential funk train.

As is the case with every one of his tracks, the new single, “Why Hide It,” features outstanding songwriting, vocals, and arrangement, all brought together by bright and airy production. “Why Hide It,” is the epitome of the what Gabe Acheson, the mind behind Goldwash, means by “existential funk.” For him, it’s all about “turning shitty experiences into positive things by goldwashing pain into art.”

Goldwash is playing at The Roxy in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 15 with Yung Bae. Tickets are available here.

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