KSHMR & Golden Army remix Game of Thrones’ iconic themeKshmr Game Of Thrones

KSHMR & Golden Army remix Game of Thrones’ iconic theme

As the penultimate season of the award-winning show Game of Thrones edges closer to its most eagerly anticipated season yet, fans worldwide can barely contain their excitement. To add to the already feverish hype, acclaimed big room producer KSHMR & Golden Army have just released a bootleg remix of Ramin Djawadi’s epic Game of Thrones theme.

With this remix, KSHMR joins an ever-growing list of remixers — with Armin Van Buuren’s celebrated re-work being the most famous of the lot. The big room remix doesn’t digress much from the original, sticking to the same notable chord progressions and melody. KHSMR & Golden Army however, have replaced a majority of the actual instruments with digital synths and also adjusted the tempo to an extremely danceable 128 bpm, ensuring this remix is ready to be dropped at any club or festival setting.

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