Sektor & Subsequent – The Siren (ReauBeau Remix)High Tea Music

Sektor & Subsequent – The Siren (ReauBeau Remix)

High Tea Music, the new label by T & Sugah and Zazu, unveiled its first remix compilation album. High Tea Music, known for mashing drum and bass sounds with future bass, couldn’t contain the powerful tunes to just singles. The remix compilation album brings sounds from ReauBeau, Zazu, Sektor & Subsequent, and Newgen to the liquid bass table.

ReauBeau’s remix of “The Siren” by Sektor & Subsequent is a stand out amongst the others on the album. The opening melody, played by a blissful piano, quickly moves into a hip-hop vibe with future bass elements woven throughout. A moving bass keeps the listener on the edge of their seat during “The Siren” — much like the track’s namesake would. Making room for the powerful, yet subtle kick is a grave amount of sidechain compression on the synths, piano, and bass. Without a doubt, ReauBeau’s remix of Sektor & Subsequent’s “The Siren” is filled with good vibes all around.

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