Good Morning Mix: Öona Dahl conducts stirring sunrise sermon at Desert HeartsOona Dahl Desert Hearts

Good Morning Mix: Öona Dahl conducts stirring sunrise sermon at Desert Hearts

Öona Dahl is carving out a special niche for herself within the underground. Using a transformational approach in her sets with an intent to take her audiences on an introspective journey, she quickly became a well-respected figure on the underground circuit. After building her repertoire of dreamy original works and demonstrate her ability to entrance people within any setting, she became the most recent to be invited onto John Digweed‘s Transitions series for guest-mixing duties.

Desert Hearts booked the German native for a sunrise set on Sunday, allowing her to show off her full potential. She took things seamlessly in her own direction after Dave Seaman’s hard-hitting progressive set, kicking off her sermon with a psychedelic introduction and mellow, atmospheric techno beats. Things developed perfectly, as she built things to a dreamy climax, hypnotizing her crowd with intricate, tribal layers of percussion and bittersweet melodies. She followed a perfect pace for the sunrise, ending with a bout of sentimental progressive that primed the audience for the more energized sets to come.

Tuesdays might not be the easiest day of the week, but letting Öona Dahl take the reins a bit can certainly help get things off to a smooth start.

Feature Photo Credit: Roger Stone Nadel Photography

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