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Sharam releases part one of techno-driven ‘Collecti’ project

Known for his technical production style and ability to dig deep into an expansive bag of tricks, the Grammy-winning artist Sharam is at last back for more, this time drawing heavily on the darker elements of his style on his latest project Collecti.

Returning for the first time since the 2016 release of Retroactive, the Iranian-American producer has brought forth a new collection of tunes near and dear to his heart.

Speaking about Collecti Sharam said the following,

For my last album Retroactive, I was fixated on all of my influences over the years, for this album, however, my focus is on the darker realms. These records are my dance floor experiments, my secret weapons, tracks that have been driving my sets and I’m excited to share this body of work with everyone.”

Collecti opens with a never before heard track from the producer titled “Scorpi,” with roaring vocal-synth riffs and a steady bass line to match. Its follow-up, “Mini” is a more muted track channeling some Maurizio influence with a long, continuously-modulating riff. At the project’s expansive height lies “Spaci”, Collecti’s purest house element. Rounding out the release is a  remastered version of Sharam’s 2010 tour de force “Hemi”, an eight-minute epic that pits industrious synth squeals and broken up noise against tromping, liquefied bass.

Collecti’s parts two, three, and four are set for release in August, September, and October respectively.

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