BlackGummy releases ‘Monolith’ EP on mau5trapBlack Gummy

BlackGummy releases ‘Monolith’ EP on mau5trap

BlackGummy, real name Iman Marouf, has been no stranger to taking on hugely theoretical approaches in his sound design. From his debut EP Singularity, which chronicles the moment when A.I. will surpass human intelligence, to his newest Monolith EP, out now on mau5trap, it’s a wonder how the enigmatic L.A. producer translates deeply complex theoretical concepts into sonic airwaves.

Monolith is a 20-minute aural thesis on the communicative human event by which we pass down universal stories through the ages. The sound design is minimalistic, yet heavy and pure, while the ultimate message is supremely substantive and, admittedly, a bit clunky. What BlackGummy seems to be trying to grasp himself is the significance of symbolic cultures seeking to pass down the “meaning of life” onto structures, for instance, like those of the ancient pyramids and Stonehenge.

From the ominous opening of “Iconoclast” and the progressive waves of “Arp” to the eventual dark, soul-scraping synths of “Edifice,” BlackGummy serves as a sonic shepherd through a myriad of emotions.

The result is a spiritually nuanced, deeply perplexing, challenging and entrancing project that will leave you with more questions than answers.

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