EXCLUSIVE: ReauBeau x Creepa – Without You (Original Mix)Reaubeau

EXCLUSIVE: ReauBeau x Creepa – Without You (Original Mix)

ReauBeau and Creepa have released a melodic, slow burning original titled, “Without You.” The track features a mellow, smooth intro — punctuated by ominous blasts of sound — and surprises listeners with a plunge into future bass progressions. “Without You” can be described as a dreamy, avant garde masterpiece, with a spellbinding strucutre and effortlessly placed layers combining for a full, rich sound.

ReauBeau sheds light to the production of “Without You,” and explains how joining forces with Creepa has created an otherworldly style.

Creepa and I decided to finish on a collab we started off months ago, but we were feeling more like starting something new. So we made this draft and when he left a did a bit more work on it to finish it off. When I am in the studio with creepa there is always something happening. It’s very exciting to unleash this feely track with my boi Creepa, hope you guys enjoy it!

Based off the strength of the collaboration, it seems as if both these artists have limitless potential in the future bass genre. ReauBeau and Creepa step up the game by expressing a new side to a genre that has seen an influx of copycats as opposed to ingenuity. Their creativity is prominent within the track, and with their latest, we can only expect more experimentation to come.

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