Louis the Child drops 25-minute mix of unreleased tracksLouis The Child Candy

Louis the Child drops 25-minute mix of unreleased tracks

What’s better than new Louis the Child music?

An entire mix of unreleased Louis the Child music!

The Chicago duo just dropped a 25-minute mix they’ve titled “Candy,” containing more than 20 unreleased tunes. With a track list containing fun titles like “Damn son” and “Crazy Wub Beat,” it’s easy to see that these two have so many tricks up their sleeves that have remained hidden from the music world ’til now.

“Candy is a collection of ideas and songs we’ve made over the past few years. All music is unreleased,” they noted in the track description.

We’d love to see these tracks officially released, especially since there are so many creative and innovative concepts and WIPs sprinkled throughout the mix.

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