Roland to release Boutique versions of TR-808, SH-101Og

Roland to release Boutique versions of TR-808, SH-101

Poised to expand its Boutique line of electronic music instruments, Roland has announced the release of its Boutique versions of the TR-808 and SH-101.

The two new products, the SH-01A and the TR-08 “miniaturized” are digital remakes of the larger originals. Both will retail for $349.

The revamped TR-08 offers artists sub-steps in its 16-step sequencer, compressor, pitch, pan, and gain controls. Not physically distinct from the original, the TR-08 reflects its forebear in its interface, yet arrives with updated knobs different from those used on previous Boutique releases.

The SH-01A likewise uses its original version, the SH-101 as its design model, but possesses additional voices not present on the original. The compact SH-01A boasts Poly, Unison, and Chord modes that cannot be found on its larger version. The original monophonic mode is however on both models. Expanding internal memory, 64 patterns may be stored on the SH-01A. No release date has been given for the SH-01A.

Celebrated for its portability, the Boutique line of Roland products currently offers remakes of the TR-909, the TB-303, and the Juno-106. Both of the new Boutique pieces may be viewed via the video below.

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