Sasha releases treasured ‘Trigonometry’ on Watergate [EP Review]GameOvr Sasha

Sasha releases treasured ‘Trigonometry’ on Watergate [EP Review]

Sasha began road-testing what soon became known as “Trigonometry” well over a year ago. The atmospheric, emotive record captured dance fans’ attention with its moving central hook and gripping arpeggios that flutter around the eardrums. It soon became a favorite among the Last Night On Earth crowd for its euphoric, almost cathartic atmosphere that makes one feel uplifted as they’re listening.

“Trigonometry” is finally out on digital bookshelves as part of his debut GameOvr on Watergate. Joining the aforementioned record is the EP’s title closer, which is more or less “Trigonometry’s” foil. Equally gripping, “GameOvr” is a more pronounced piece with strong kicks and driving synth action that makes it well-equipped for harder, after-hours sets. Cassy and LaFleur also make appearances on the EP as its official remixers.

Sasha has maintained a busy schedule this summer season, carrying out a residency with his renewed colleague John Digweed and touring heavily to reputable dance festivals across the globe. He also contributed to a new documentary on dance music culture titled The Agony & The Ecstasy.




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