Shambhala to officially shut down early amid surrounding wildfires [BREAKING]Shambhala 2015 William Selviz

Shambhala to officially shut down early amid surrounding wildfires [BREAKING]

Earlier today, August 12, Shambhala organizers issued a pre-evacuation alert for the festival. The surrounding McCormick Creek wildfire has been spreading rapidly, jumping the Salmo river to inch close to festival grounds while adding toxicity to the air.

Risk of endangerment has ultimately led the iconic festival to proceed with an “early closure,” per a PSA on its social media pages and websites that was erected initially at 3pm PST. According to Shambhala’s statement, Saturday evening will continue as planned, but the closure will begin afterward. They also requested guests to begin packing up their campsites accordingly to prepare for a smooth exit.

Sunday’s programming is completely cancelled, though guests don’t necessarily have to be out that morning — they simply have to be prepared to leave in the worst case scenario. Shambhala clarified later on in the comments of their Facebook announcement that “This is not an evacuation, it’s an early closure. We begin egress as we normally would Monday tomorrow morning.”



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