City Hearts captured: photos from CHLA show off the real magic of Desert Hearts [Gallery]


City Hearts captured: photos from CHLA capture the real magic of Desert Hearts

Desert Hearts’ spring iteration passed by half a year ago, and festival season is coming to a close. This means that it’s officially time for Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porkchop to deliver their mantra of “house, techno, & love” as far as they can — and they’re doing just that. The core crew is right in the middle of their City Hearts “Take The Ride Tour,” which sees them traveling across the United States as well as global locations and providing loving audiences with a raucous party that carries their high spirit.

Their growth has been so vast as of late that 2017 has opened up a new chapter for the movement: an entire festival around City Hearts. Come November 12, LA will become the first city to receive the fledgling event, with all proceeds going to the homeless.

Those intrigued by the City Hearts festival can proceed onward for a gallery of the most recent City Hearts iteration at The Belasco theater in Los Angeles, where the joy ensuing that night is palpable through sheer imagery.

All photos courtesy of Jess Bernstein