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Watch this hilarious anti-LSD PSA excavated from the 1960s

A public service announcement produced in 1969 has been drudged up online warning about the “dangers” of taking LSD. The amusing, albeit well-intentioned, short film, entitled Case Study: LSD, documents a young woman’s first acid trip where she claims a hot dog’s life.

That’s right, you’re not tripping. She took a hot dog’s life who, she goes onto explain, “has a wife and kids to support.” She then describes how the hot dog screams in pain as she eats him.

The three-minute clip, which was sponsored by the U.S. Government for wide dispersement in high schools, is a chilling cautionary tale of still photos against a backdrop of eerie music. The voiceover narrator was left traumatized by her psychedelic experience when she realizes she has “murdered” the very food she purchased.

The curious 18-year old female then cites the gateway culprit into her hallucinatory world: “I was pretty jacked up on marijuana, so I decided to try it, and I dropped it.”

While the sixties adolescent — bless her heart — most likely had no scientific basis to explain for her auditory hallucinations, thankfully a decades-long fight for funding and drug-based research would tell her that what she was probably experiencing was a disillusionment of ego, diminished sense of self, and increased feelings of empathy and connectedness with all things.

H/T: Daily Mail

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