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Tourist embarks on infectiously emotive synthwave exhibition on new ‘Wash’ EP

Seldom are synthwave soundscapes juxtaposed with lyrically poised arrangements, as oftentimes, these sonic landscapes are lush environments unto themselves — ones that require immense patience and a willingness for introspection. Of course, a marriage between the instrumental and lyrical worlds does take place in electronica, albeit rarely, though a recent melding has piqued the interest of the electronic music scene.

Rising London-based producer Tourist, real name William Phillips, is an effervescent executor of both the instrumental and vocal, as both his meticulously crafted melodies and their lyrical content guide listeners into a blissful, yet simultaneously thoughtful, attentive state of being.

Taking his stylistic cues from the skyscraping synths of mid-2000s electro and the rhythmic propulsion of late eighties’ disco, Tourist’s latest four-track EP Wash is perhaps his most expertly crafted assemblage of tunes to date. While the tracks remain within the expected realm from the producer, they shine in their thoughtful execution. Between the chosen vocalists and precise layering, Wash takes its listeners on an infectiously emotive synthwave exhibition.

Opening with the previously released track “We Stayed Up All Night,” featuring Ardyn, it’s evident Phillips possesses a sixth sense for crafting serene soundscapes. And it’s with the infectious — albeit cheesy hook — of the first number that he instills an auditory aura of emotive euphoria for the listener.

“Apart” is a continuance of this euphorically-emotive wave from Phillips. Reminiscent to the critically acclaimed production of “Say My Name”-era ODESZA, Tourist’s innovative ability on this track is a whirlwind of emotions. Even in few words, the artist creates an emotionally layered, simplistic sound, which by way of the rest of the EP he drives home. In telling his singular narrative, he, in turn, allows the listener to explore their own, too.

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