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WATCH: Bassnectar drops unreleased music at Suwannee Hulaween

For those who closely follow amorphous bass music producer Lorin Ashton, the man behind Bassnectar has been especially quiet as of late. The reason for this deliberate silence, as Ashton revealed on Twitter, is because he’s been tirelessly posted up in the lab working on the sequel to his two-part Reflective EP project, featuring collaborations with GnarGnar, Digital Ethos, and G Jones.

While headlining day one of Suwannee Hulaween this past weekend, Bassnectar dropped at least two new track IDs from his forthcoming EP. Thanks to a couple of hardcore members of the bass demigod’s cult following, unreleased Bassnectar music is now available for the masses.

The first track (above) is a heavy collaboration with rising bass music star Digital Ethos. Dubbed “Slather,” the track features spacey synths and electrifying drops. The second track (below) comes as a still-unidentified track with G Jones, and spawns an appropriately spooky tone with a few inventive drops that sound a lot like the auditory equivalent of an optical illusion.

No official announcement as to when Reflective Part 2 will be unveiled, but Bassnectar has alluded to a winter release date.

Featured photo courtesy of Keith Griner

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