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Botnek – Freaky

Canadian DJ-production duo, Botnek, have released their Halloween-themed house track, “Freaky.” The eccentric pair have been turning heads for the past few years with their experimental sound design and offbeat charisma. They are known for their ventures in and around the borders of various sub-genres of house (tech, future, electro, even some garage) and less commonly, dubstep. Botnek’s joint efforts with crowd favorites of their respective genres such as Zedd, Snails, and LOUDPVCK, have earned them more than a blip on the radar scanner.

“Freaky” is a playful bass house track with Botnek’s signature progressive and electro undercurrents. The tune is infused with the duo’s idiosyncratic textures, playful synths, and a characteristically cheeky hook: “I like it when the beat gets a little bit freaky.”

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