Amelie Lens sets out on a pulsating techno expedition on her latest EP, ‘Stay With Me’CS669626 01A BIG

Amelie Lens sets out on a pulsating techno expedition on her latest EP, ‘Stay With Me’

Belgium’s rapidly ascending techno stalwart, Amelie Lens, has surrendered an astounding new four-track EP boasting her ominously pulsating prowess. After a solid debut on the Italian Lyase Recordings, she’s churning out new recognizable originals through her latest Stay With Me EP, a heightened juxtaposition of both the beauty and form of the genre. Stay With Me is a release that’s poised to dominate the foreboding techno circuit, especially considering the release comes complete with a thrilling remix from the esteemed Perc.

Stay With Me‘s first track “Follow” is both a hazy invitation and enticing listen, and as Lens’ silver “Follow Me” whispers continue, they become buried under a buoyant layer of percussion that propels listeners into the vast unknown — the remainder of the record.”Follow” is ultimately a sound choice for kicking off the EP considering that from there Lens embraces her affinity for the heavier side of techno.

The following track “Stay With Me” is a swirling magnum opus ridden with similar vocal whispers, but contrastingly sweltering acid lines and colossal drum injections. The number is a significant lead into a state of total and utter desolation wherein Perc flips the track on its head in an absolutely astonishing take. In his rework, he moves away from the acid style of Lens and imbues an appeasing brutality, sure to demolish dance floors for all eternity. At the time of writing, his remix was holding the No. 5 spot in Beatport‘s Top 10 techno tracks with Lens’ “Follow” in the No. 6 slot.

Closing out the EP is “Winter,” a track in which Lens divulges new stylistic details. It’s a much more energetic pace than her previous tracks, while also managing to not be entirely removed. It should come as no surprise that “Winter” is named after Lens’ cat, as the track oozes a similar exuberantness to the felines’ demeanors.

“Winter” may serve as contrasting record when placed in the context of the others, but it plays a vital role in the new release, serving as a testament to the blistering capabilities of one of techno’s most exciting new players.




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