Josh Jacobson releases double single ‘Upstate Soundtrack Vol. 1’Upstate Soundtrack Vol 1 Cover

Josh Jacobson releases double single ‘Upstate Soundtrack Vol. 1’

Singer, songwriter and producer Josh Jacobson is an upcoming industry innovator of the best kind. Not only is he building a career as an artist, but he’s also started his own label and is seeing some major buzz as a result. Now, the upstate New York native has released a double single package called Upstate Soundtrack Vol.1. This release is following a debut EP, which produced a Hype Machine No. 1 track and some global retail and radio play.

The first track, “Fade,” is a pleasing assortment of high-pitched vocal motifs and tropical synths, along with some light drum kicks and cymbals. This transitions smoothly into the second track “Koyo,” where listeners get some light bass riffs and a harmonica-guided melody, mimicking the sound of paradise. There will be more to come for Jacobson approaching 2018, as he’s announced his Komorebi tour throughout the US starting in January.

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