TIL: Tom Hardy actually has bars? Actor’s rap mixtape from 1999 surfacesTom Hardy In The Dark Knight Rises

TIL: Tom Hardy actually has bars? Actor’s rap mixtape from 1999 surfaces

Every now and then, the internet proves to be more than just the sum of its parts.

Among the endless collection of memes and trolls, occasionally the online experience does procure some decent finds — like troves of unreleased Skrillex cuts, or this shamelessly iconic Daft Punk fan. This time, the internet has bestowed us with one such gift: Tom Hardy’s rap mixtape from 1999. Yes, Bane raps, and it easily could have been roast-ready nonsense. That would have been fine. However instead, it actually kind of goes — and that’s what makes Falling On Your Arse In 1999 such a treasure.

The mixtape was quietly uploaded to Bandcamp and shared on Reddit in early January, featuring 18 unreleased tracks from Tommy No 1 and produced by Eddie Too Tall, better known as British director and writer Ed Tracy. Each distorted, sample-riddled rap cut is a quintessential slice of lo-fi hip-hop’s golden era from the early 90’s, and the whole collection is now available to stream.

Back in 2011, Hardy told BBC in an interview that he was signed in the 90’s, and that he recorded “loads of material,” despite “not being very good.” We’re still parsing through FOYA 1999, but for now, we’ll agree to disagree.

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