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George FitzGerald & Bonobo enchant on ‘Outgrown’

Melodic house stalwart George FitzGerald shared a collaborative new track with Bonobo entitled, “Outgrown,” ahead of his highly-anticipated LP, All That Must Be.

Though the number is but one of many collaborations on the LP, “Outgrown” eloquently showcases FitzGerald’s intricacy. Having transitioned towards a more sentimental songwriting style with the release of his Fading Love LP in 2015, “Outgrown” sees FitzGerald further his sonic union of experimental soundscapes and outright club-closing coherency. “Outgrown” employs an early-onset of emotive piano tones for its central driving force, in which FitzGerald alludes to a stripped back presentation of his multifaceted sound on the new LP, All That must Be.

All That Must Be is out March 9.

Photo Credit: Rhodri Brooks

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