Kllo debut minimalist take on ‘Dissolve’ from debut LPKllo DissolveLive

Kllo debut minimalist take on ‘Dissolve’ from debut LP

On the heels off their striking debut LP, Backwater, Australian duo Kllo took to the road on a global tour in support. Their travels eventually led the Ghostly International artists to Berlin, where they performed a reserve take on “Dissolve,” Backwater’s seventh track, at Red Bull Studios Berlin.

This take on “Dissolve,” performed as part of Majestic Casual‘s Majestic Sessions series, strips the track of most of Simon Lam’s production flourishes, leaving just the shuffling percussion and accompanying piano part — performed live. Vocalist Chloe Kaul’s yearning lyrics and breathy delivery thus take center stage and, given the slightly slower tempo and minimalist accompaniment, heighten the breakup ballad’s heart-wrenching sentimentality.

It’s a testament to the young duo’s songwriting abilities that the track holds up so strongly in its barest form, further cementing Kllo as an intriguing group to watch in 2018.

Photo Credit: Majestic Casual/YouTube

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