Premiere: Billy Kenny – Seahorses (Original Mix)Fi The Artwork

Premiere: Billy Kenny – Seahorses (Original Mix)

Idiosyncrasy is key, and in an era of increasing musical vapidity, so are taking risks. Luckily, there are artists like Billy Kenny.

Kenny’s risks and off-kilter style are helping pave the way for a zany breed of post-EDM. With a style that’s akin to a new age of the Dirtybird flock, both prolific and distinct in his deliverances, Kenny’s a most fervent addition to the bass and funk house sphere. It’s safe to say he and the This Ain’t Bristol crew are here to stay.

Kenny continues to impress with a bevy of releases, following up September’s The Hood EP release with “Seahorses,” exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Listeners might recognize Kenny’s effervescent sampling or have heard the number dropped at Dirtybird Campout East recently. A choice sampling of Dan Deacon’s viral “Drinking Out Of Cups” video — better known as that video in which a lizard is locked in a closet “tripping on acid” — is a sound move.

It’s a bass-brimming track that aligns Kenny with a sphere of internet heads and keen booty-shakers alike, but it also ensures that everybody on the floor will have one thing in mind: “Seahorses, Forever.

“Seahorses” is the title-track off Billy Kenny’s forthcoming EP which is set for release on This Ain’t Bristol February 23.

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