Adana Twins go dark on ‘Sequence 01’ [Premiere + Interview]AdanaTwins Digital 04

Adana Twins go dark on ‘Sequence 01’ [Premiere + Interview]

If the name “Adana Twins” doesn’t ring a bell, their music is certain to conjure memories of nights out, or days spent dancing in the open air.

The German duo has caught the house and techno world by storm, crafting up melodically-inclined releases that fulfill cravings for both sentimentality and grittiness. Having spent well over a decade on the underground circuit, many point to the release of their widely-proliferated Diynamic anthem “Uncompromising” as the point where their names became cemented into celebrity.

Their newest release is yet another on the reputable Watergate label, which has become their home base of sorts. Dancing Astronaut has the privilege of premiering its B-Side “Sequence 01,” which sees the pair exploring their darker, groove-driven side. Featured originally on Tale Of Us‘ Fabric 97 mix, “Sequence 01” opens with warm arps strung together with crisp percussion, slowly unfolding into a celestial journey through brooding melodies and hollow vocal accents. It’s one of the Adana Twins’ most shadowy offerings to date, and is built to control the dancefloor.

They also graciously answered a few burning questions we had on their musical development, perseverance, and their go-to labels for finding new music.

You guys have been pretty well-known for quite some time, but it feels like your career has really taken off over the past few years with notable singles like “Etah” and “Uncompromising.” What are some words of advice you have to offer on perseverance, patience, and sticking with something while maintaining faith it will all work out?
Believe in what you are doing! There are ups and downs. But never take the downs to serious and focus on the positive things. When the time is right you will have success. In case you don’t have success, it might be good to have a second thing running. For example, we worked in design & advertising for a long time, but music was always our passion and we spent every free minute in the DJ both and in the studio. However, with our jobs, we always had a backup and we only quit when our music career was full on running.

In your eyes, which songs of your discography capture your ethos as a group the most, and why?
Strange, Flower of Cane, Uncompromising, Sequence 01 and an upcoming one called Ebrietas. All those tunes show our love for melodic or bass driven dark dancefloor tunes.

You guys have been putting out some real hypnotic cuts these days, which the dance world now seems to be labelling as “melodic house & techno.” What draws you to more nuanced, melodic strains of dance music, and what have been the biggest influences over your sound recently?
Maybe it’s because we both are emotional guys with a big heart ;). Straight and cold tunes are nothing for us. We need emotion. The influences may have been some 90s trance anthems, old school techno and everything else that touches us.

What is your process for writing music, and what inspires you most in the studio?
Mostly our gigs inspires us. We are DJs and ravers, and the dancefloor experience helped us a lot to find our style. The process is different from project to project. Sometimes we remix our own tracks and take an already finished project and do something new with it. Other times we just start from scratch. The computer-mouse in the right hand and a good glass of rum in the left.

How did the writing process go for the ‘Jupiter’ EP? How did those records come about?
It was a project we started from scratch and we finished it straight in one day. Some days are better than others.

Which labels and artist are your top “go-tos” when it comes to finding fresh music for sets? Or, do you use a different methodology for hunting down tunes to play out?
Afterlife & Innervions are always great. But we don’t focus too much on labels. We focus more on good records stores. Muting the Noise and Hard Wax have a nice selection and we always find some nice stuff there.

You’ve worked primarily with Watergate lately, including for the release of your new ‘Jupiter’ EP. What do you like best about working with this imprint, compared with others?
Watergate became family for us and we are really close to the guys. We definitely had some of our best nights at this magic place. We are super happy to release on this great imprint.

Where have your favourite places in the world been to play and why?
South America is always amazing. Especially Brazil and Argentina. The crowd is always so emotional and totally into the music.

Feature Photo Credit: Vitali Gelwich

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