Bingo Players & Goshfather – EverybodyGoshfather Bingo Players Everybody

Bingo Players & Goshfather – Everybody

Back in April 2017, Goshfather released a disco-injected track called “Everybody.” Now, nearly a year later, the track has been re-released as a collaborative effort with legendary producer Bingo Players.

The track takes off on a high note, ushering in a funky, carefree vibe right from the get-go. With cheery vocals that’ll take any party up a notch, the two producers build up to a disco-infused chorus. “Everybody” brings back the 1970s while still maintaining the atmosphere of modern house music.

“We made ‘Everybody’ with big plans in mind: we want to bring joy and dancing back to dance music,” Goshfather says. “No frills, no agendas, just pure energy as if it was your fist time at your first dance music show. Bingo Players and I want you all to enjoy this brand new track!”

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