Premiere: Kelela – A Message (Petticoat Remix)Petticoat Press 2 Preview

Premiere: Kelela – A Message (Petticoat Remix)

The name “Petticoat” carries a sense of childlike wonder — and that’s exactly the vision behind the moniker of LA-based songwriter and producer David Halsey. Fusing warm, bubbly textures and metallic melodies with dark, rough noises, the result is an emotional and atmospheric expedition that tugs at the duality between masculinity and femininity.

Petticoat delivers a fresh take on his musical vision with his newest remix of Kelela’s “A Message.” When asked about the remix, he states, “The original was perfect, but it also left so much space for somebody to completely change the dynamic of the song. I took her voice and pitched it up, and it blended harmoniously with my backdrop of soft pads, bubbly arps, and polished chiptune effects. The end result is a song that feels like a smooth and mild sugar rush inside a PS1 video game.”

It’s clear to see that this potion of sonically warped arrangements and uplifting melodies not only pushes the idea of what music represents, it is also catchy as hell. Like smelling a fine perfume or eating an after-dinner mint, Petticoat’s music is sure to refresh your musical palette while you savor in its sound.

We can’t wait to get more from Petticoat in the future.

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