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SOPHIE – Faceshopping (Madeaux Remix)

Just a few weeks ago, Madeaux set fans aboard the house/r&b hybrid rollercoaster that is “The Wave.” Now, however, delivering his remix of SOPHIE‘s noise-pop track “Faceshopping,” Madeaux is letting the world know his winding ride of rippling releases has yet to reach its apex.

For months, Madeaux has been releasing fiery fragments off his forthcoming album, Burn, including the utterly sensual “Sweat” and the dark, pulsating “Run With It.” The 12-track LP has seen the Fool’s Gold artist pour two years of his life into what he describes as an uphill journey towards “self-actualization.”

Revering the hyperkinetic SOPHIE’s work as “top-tier,” Madeaux adopted her avant-garde synth pop version of “Faceshopping,” and introduced it to some good old-fashioned four on the floor hip-shaking sensibilities. Within the brimming dance cut remain only subtle elements of SOPHIE’s highly-texturized precursor. Madeaux has swapped SOPHIE’s serrated synth patterns for thumping basslines, and tinged the breathy female vocals with highly seductive reverb.

Featured photo by Calvin Wilkins

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