This online museum’s collection of rare synths will make any music lover swoon

An EMI research synth console

Online museum Musical Instrument Museums Online (MIMO) is redefining accessibility in its digital archive, one that will be of particular interest to synth aficionados.

Boasting a series of rare synths like an authentic EMI research synth console, a 70s drum machine prototype, a 60s modular from Moog, and a Univox organ, MIMO’s collection takes onlookers back in time.

While MIMO’s collection holds a series of prized synths sure to make any musician salivate, the archive is home not only to synths and their electronic kin, but to more than 60,000 instruments procured from European and African institutes.

Browse MIMO’s instrumental inventory in full, here.

Photo Credit: Musical Instrument Museums Online 

H/T: DJ Mag

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