Premiere: Henry Saiz & Band – Cerulean (Fat Sushi Remix)Henry Saiz Band Cerulean Fat Sushi Remi

Premiere: Henry Saiz & Band – Cerulean (Fat Sushi Remix)

Henry Saiz took a risk and exceeded expectations in his audiovisual album Human, which sought to expose the globally unifying power and profound beauty of music. To manifest his vision, Saiz and his band travelled around the world and recorded in several unique and inspirational locations.

Following the wave of success from the groundbreaking effort, Human has undergone a transformation  — courtesy of a handful of producers Saiz tapped for remixing his work.

Swiss duo Fat Sushi were tasked with making “Cerulean” into their own. The original, recorded in Tokyo, was a futuristic electronica cut that evoked the imagery of its recording destination with somber vocals and choice instrumentation. It is dressed in club attire by Fat Sushi, who douse it in chugging 4/4 percussion and analog synths that are seamless complements to those used in the original. Meanwhile, subdued vocals ricocheting in the background add further intrigue.

‘Cerulean (Fat Sushi Remix)’ will be released on Natura Sonoris on June 29. Pre-order a copy here 

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