Mat Zo puts his spin on Wavedash and Quest’s “Adagio”Wavedash Mat Zo Adagio

Mat Zo puts his spin on Wavedash and Quest’s “Adagio”

It’s been a little over a month since Wavedash and Quest released their Devil Music EP on Mad Zoo, and now they reveal yet another trick they’ve had up their sleeve.

After releasing a remix for “Star Power” by AWE, it turns out the pair were also able to get Mat Zo himself to remix Devil Music‘s opener, “Adagio.” The original is a cinematic piece that serves as an eerie introduction to the EP with ringing organs and gritty synths grumbling in the background.

Mat Zo adds his own kind of cinematics and gives the tune more of a retro feel as he elongates the song and creates a veritable adventure out of sounds and elegant atmospherics. With a heavy kick and stabbing synths, he casts a more cunning air into his rendition, making it feel like it belongs in a horror movie or a video game.

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