Notaker releases must-listen cosmic ‘EREBUS’ I EPNotaker EREBUS I

Notaker releases must-listen cosmic ‘EREBUS’ I EP

Notaker has released an interstellar EP off deadmau5‘s mau5trap label. The project is called EREBUS I, named after a primordial deity who represents the personification of darkness. With an explorative feel and focus on sound design, EREBUS I is yet another example of audio experimentation and discovery from the label that brought us REZZ, Excision, i_oFeed Me, and Skrillex‘s second EP, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.

Right off the bat, we’re hit with “Fatal System Error,” a cinematic buildup that leads into that space bass feeling one might get from 1788-L or REZZ. Metallic high-ends are juxtaposed by gritty sub bass to contrast the twinkling verses.

Corrupted” is a collaboration with labelmate and bass adventurer, BlackGummy. DA premiered the track, calling it a collaboration that “leans into the shadowy side of the artists’ production, bringing the listener slowly into their lair as the song opens up.”

“Hypersleep” is a more grounded, rhythmic bass track with randomized arpeggiation and unique time stamps. The track is more ambient and self-reflective, creating a calming atmosphere during the verses and chaotic vibe on the hooks, while personifying the definition of exploratory electronic music.

The next track, “Machina,” is a collaboration with Eminence. Building off from the confusion of the last track, “Machina” is a confident liftoff into gritty bass territory. This track is the final action scene in the EP.

“Believe” concludes the space journey with a dramatic crescendo that glides away into the abyss of space.

EREBUS I is an expansion of Notaker’s Vessel EP series, which started with his previous Genesis project released on Monstercat. The story is an audio journey about a space vessel.

Notaker tells Dancing Astronaut, “the concept behind this EP was to expand on the idea of my Vessel series by creating a story using the track list order, mood, and artwork for each song to tell an ambiguous sci-fi / space story about the Vessel. Essentially the Vessel’s A.I. experiences a Fatal System Error after The Vessel travels through a wormhole, the Corrupted A.I. then becomes hostile towards the crew forcing many of them to jettison the Vessel and go into Hypersleep. The remaining crew then cuts the power supply to the A.I. and has to travel back through the wormhole without any guidance. Also in the promo mix, I spliced in a few audio clips of dialogue from movies that I drew inspiration from for the story and artwork (Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Alien).”

Photo Credit: @notakermusic/Instagram

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