Cornucopia works magic on ‘Forever Gone’ EPCornucopia Forver Gone Album Art

Cornucopia works magic on ‘Forever Gone’ EP

A year has already passed by since fans have last seen anything from Cornucopia. The enigmatic artist, who refuses to give up the name of their more established alter ego, puts out nothing but quality with each release; therefore, the wait is worth it.

Forever Gone sees the melodic wizard return to Microcastle with three fresh pieces in tow — a couple of which have been teased over extended periods of time. It opens with a lengthy title track, whose stretch of warm, comforting ambient that leads into a bout of layered percussion eases the track into place. Minimal melodic bits and a prominent bassline fill up the rest of the space, culminating a playful, yet meditative atmosphere that evokes smiles all around.

Cornucopia guides listeners into a more mysterious realm via “Big Sky,” with ethnocentric melodies and breezy chimes placing one in a more ancient time. Hollow string elements amplify the sense of mystery even more, along with the titillating synth edits placed prior to its climax. “Big Sky” is meant to be played at sunrise.

Finally, Forever Gone closes with an immensely sentimental “Epathia.” A central hook vaguely reminiscent of classic trance sounds oscillates gently around the eardrums, relaxing the mind. In fact, the piece as a whole listens like a warm bath, evoking an underwater effect with immersive synth edits and ethereal, drawn-out notes that ebb and flow throughout the background.

This EP is certainly enough to satiate Cornucopia cravings until their next release — whenever that may be.


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