Gorillaz tease upcoming G-Shock collectionGorillaz G Shock

Gorillaz tease upcoming G-Shock collection

Casio’s ultimate tough watch, G-SHOCK, is celebrating their 35th anniversary with a new exclusive collection promoted with an animated story made by the Gorillaz. 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs embark on Mission M101, which appears to be the first in a to-be-continued series. The four band members begin their journey in Tokyo. There, they receive a message by Mr. Ibe to help him obtain a watch from Galaxy M101.

The forthcoming capsule was originally featured in Gorillaz’s “Summer Sky Series” on 2D last year. It will include the release of two limited edition watches designed with the Gorillaz animated band members. The watches will see G-SHOCK’s original 5600 model updated with a twist.

Look for the G-SHOCK x Gorillaz collaboration to launch this winter with more animated clues to come. Earlier this month, the British band utilized hand-drawn animation and claymation for their new “Tranz” music video.


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