Gorillaz get psychedelic in new ‘Tranz’ music videoGorillaz Tranz Music Video

Gorillaz get psychedelic in new ‘Tranz’ music video

Gorillaz are back to further solidify their indelible track record for eye popping visuals with a trippy new music video for “Tranz.” The slithering synth-rock is a surefire standout from their recently released LP, The Now Now. As expected, the animated outfit show up to show out in the track’s colorful new video.

The clip opens with the band set up on a digital stage, with a flickering gray and black backdrop. As the band jams on, the colors begin bleeding more and more into the backdrop — infiltrating the entire video. Before long, an explosion of psychedelics is drowning everything in sight. Mushrooms, zombies, band frontman 2D shooting light beams out of his eyes; the trippy factor begins amping up quickly, and never lets up. The effect is trance-like and immersive, with a hefty dose that classic cheeky Gorillaz flair.

The group kicks off their last run of North American tour dates in support of the album in Toronto on October 8. Notable amidst that last blast is the band’s own Demon Dayz festival in Los Angeles alongside Erykah BaduDRAM, and more.

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