Marshmello becomes a soccer star in feel-good video for ‘Stars’Marshmello Stars Video

Marshmello becomes a soccer star in feel-good video for ‘Stars’

Marshmello has released the official music video for single track “Stars,” and the energetic track fittingly features an action packed music video of people playing pick up soccer. Marshmello watches from the sidelines, as he takes in the players doing a variety of impressive footwork and scoring goals. He becomes inspired to play himself, and heads a rogue ball. The pick up players become frustrated by Marshmello’s interference.

Saddened, Marshmello goes home and starts rummaging through his father’s old things in the attack, where he discovers his dad was a soccer star. They start training, and eventually he builds up the skill to go take on the pick up teams again. This time, he dances around all of them with his newfound skill, ultimately scoring and impressing all of the players who had doubted him previously. In true Marshmello fashion of overcoming obstacles, this feel-good video is the perfect accompaniment to this upbeat track.

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