Mat Zo rocks the funk out on virtuoso new drum and bass track, ‘Vice’Mat Zo Vice Drum And Bass Single

Mat Zo rocks the funk out on virtuoso new drum and bass track, ‘Vice’

After a recent return to a classic trance sound with “Meaning Lost All Word,” Mat Zo sets his sights on drum and bass with a sticky new track titled “Vice.” The Mad Zoo boss is among the rarefied few producers capable of bending a signature sound seamlessly across tempo and genre, and that ability is on full display in his latest single. Interestingly, the song is not released under Mat Zo’s drum and bass alias, MRSA.

“Vice” starts out with an atmospheric build, setting the pace early. But it wouldn’t be a Mat Zo track without a few twists, with the surprise coming in the form a filtered down half-time section dripping in funk and pitched up vocal runs (the former interestingly enough sound lifted from a tantalizing 2 year old WIP). The first drop is a cool breeze of bending bass and twinkling synth lines. Before long the energy is rebuilt all over again, as the drums shift into overdrive atop bass work so funky disco balls may start popping up at drum and bass shows. As the half-time feel returns, the Mat Zo lays the groove down heavy for a neck breaking finale.

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