Sweater Beats treats Kiiara’s ‘Messy’ to an infectious new remixSweater Beats Press Photo 2

Sweater Beats treats Kiiara’s ‘Messy’ to an infectious new remix

Social media makes it easy to see when artists are friends, but when artists are actually big fans of one another — not as much. Insights into artists’ real personal rotations aren’t always as publicly accessible to fans, though artists like Sweater Beats still manage to show love to their favorite musical talents, and this time, it’s with actual music.

Dropping off an addicting new remix of Kiiara’s hit “Messy,” the Los Angeles-based producer detailed how he gushed when he first heard the track and was immediately set on showing his admiration for it by doing a remix of his own. After Sweater Beats finished his spin on “Messy,” he messaged Kiiara to demonstrate his respect and she asked him to release it as soon as he could too. With one listen it’s easy to hear the love that went into this remix — a claim Kiiara herself experienced as well. It’s dynamic in its intimacy, seamless in its incorporation of Kiiara’s vocals, and showcases what Sweater Beats is really digging on his new production.

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