Good Morning Mix: Prope coax listeners awake with avant-garde electronicaPROPE 1

Good Morning Mix: Prope coax listeners awake with avant-garde electronica

Belgium was a hotbed for raw, harder strains of dance music during the 90s, and still is today. PROPE are one such act arising out of Belgium during this peak time two decades ago, tracingĀ  their roots in trip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, and other darker shades of electronica that fit their country’s industrial aesthetic. However, they’ve never been ones to follow any sort of status quo.

Thus we’re presented with their VOID EP, in which the duo explores more avant garde territory. Percussion is replaced with careful sound design and atmospheric layering, with hints of cinema and plenty of emotion. The EP stands as a testament to their commitment to crafting out-of-the-box sounds, and shines a light on the ambient genre as a pillar of experimentation amid today’s saturated market.

Prior to its October 12 release, PROPE have kindly provided Dancing Astronaut with a mix fit for the first part of the day. It includes a couple pieces off their upcoming release, in addition to an array of compositions from Ben Frost, Roly Porter, and Dead Can Dance that make for an immersive, cinematic experience.