Vicetone time travel with triumphant Avicii tribute, ‘South Beach’Vicetone South Beach Avicii Tribute

Vicetone time travel with triumphant Avicii tribute, ‘South Beach’

By any measure, Vicetone has the secret formula for festival and club smashing EDM anthems down cold. The Dutch duo have garnered tens of millions of streams on the strength of hits like “Neveda” and “Astronomia.” Now, Vicetone delivers something special with “South Beach,” a track the group have dubbed their own musical tribute to Avicii.

“South Beach” is an instant uplifter, opening on an infectious synth hook that primes listeners for impact. Drums engage beneath a wall of beaming chords before landing in a swelling, string powered breakdown. The track’s finale is triumphant and joyful, and instantly transports back to late 2000s dance music nostalgia. Although the crisp and melodic production comes Vicetone standard, the origins of the track’s throwback feels become crystal clear from the duo’s backstory posted to social media.

The song was among the first they ever made, and management advised them not to release it given the clear influence of their reverence for Avicii in the track. When the legend passed away in April, Vicetone managed to find that song on an old hard drive and finally finish it. Nine years later, the song has taken on new meaning as a tribute from the duo to one of their musical heroes. “South Beach” is an impactful, time-traveling reminder of just how much Avicii affected today’s biggest EDM stars.



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