First Listen: Slumberjack’s Holy Ship! bass voyageHoly Ship 2019 Mi Tape Series Cover 13.0 Slumberjack R01

First Listen: Slumberjack’s Holy Ship! bass voyage

It’s quite ironic that Slumberjack‘s name has the word “slumber” in it; the Australian makes music that is the antithesis of relaxing, but of course that was likely the reasoning behind their name choice. Instead, Slumberjack’s music is geared toward keeping people wide awake and, for lack of a better word, “turnt.” This is why their booking on Insomniac‘s resurrected Holy Ship! is perfect, especially for its 13.0 edition.

They’ve kindly shown fans a taste of what to expect come their at-sea takeover, and it’s quite the jaunt. They waste no time in getting wild with their track selection, opening with an angsty trap cut and moving forward from there. For an hour, Slumberjack pummel their fans with bricks of bass and future house — and the result is cramped necks from the inevitable headbanging that ensues. The burgeoning duo has certainly brought their A-game to this mix, and Dancing Astronaut is even more excited to see the tricks up their sleeve come Holy Ship!.

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