Grabbitz and Pierce Fulton renounce internet lifestyle in new collab, ‘Information Overload’Grabbitz Pierce Fulton Information Overload E1544807468849

Grabbitz and Pierce Fulton renounce internet lifestyle in new collab, ‘Information Overload’

Grabbitz and Pierce Fulton reflect on social media-centered life in 2018 in their new collaboration, “Information Overload.”

A gentle guitar melody ushers in a scratchy beat as Grabbitz’s soaring falsetto takes center stage, contrasting the gritty ambiance of the introduction. A groovy bassline throughout makes this track sonically irresistible, while the lyrics ask listeners to take a closer look at the effects of social media and technology on everyday life.

“Looking at your life, and man, it sure looks nice, but do you have a filtered soul? Don’t forget to stay the way that you were raised in this information overload.”

The collaboration is a brilliant melting pot of both artists’ versatile styles, showcasing graceful guitar themes, stellar production, and polished harmonies — all while driving an important message in the age of social media.

Accompanying the track is a unique music video, put together by Seenfilm, a company that specializes in paper animation. In the video, we find a paper Grabbitz wandering the desert, video camera in hand. Throughout its course, viewers see gray cityscapes and technology created and destroyed, with colorful nature scenes taking their place.

“Information Overload” marks Fulton’s second release of the year following his collaboration with Martin Garrix and Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda. Grabbitz also had a star-studded year, releasing his official remix of “Propane Nightmares” on Pendulum‘s The Reworks album and inviting fans (and Shaq!) to his cloud in January.

“Information Overload” is out now via Ultra Music.

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