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Slushii closes out 2018 with release of sophomore album, ‘DREAM’

Sophomore albums represent an opportunity for artists to delve deeper into their respective sounds and to refine or even redevelop their sonic styles. Slushii‘s second full-length album, DREAM, arrives as the product of much in-studio introspection, which is audible in each one of the project’s 16 tracks. The contemplative nature of DREAM, however, will be unsurprising to Slushii fans, given the producer’s detailed announcement of the then forthcoming production back in November. “This time around I wondered what it would be like if I was 100 percent honest about my feelings in my music, and actually let my emotions and true self show,” Slushii wrote when he originally shared the news that a follow-up to Find Your Wings was on the way. “What you’re getting [in DREAM] is the darkest, and most nostalgic music I’ve ever released,” Slushii added.

Familiar elements of the upbeat, bouncy sound that Slushii spread across prior releases like 2017’s Out of Light, and earlier singles like “Twinbow” still glimmer on DREAM cuts. The gossamer, twinkling tones that originally endeared listeners to Slushii’s music revel in an airy optimism of sound on DREAM, where they co-exist among mid- to downtempo beat constructions, rather than the faster-paced arrangements that characterized previous Slushii productions. Representative of a musical approach that largely diverges from past Slushii showings, DREAM signifies a difference in Slushii’s creative process, and beyond that, an overall maturity and versatility of sound that beams in the soundscapes that collectively comprise DREAM.

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