The Prodigy release music video for ‘Timebomb Zone’ [Watch]Screen Shot 2018 12 07 At 5.46.51 PM

The Prodigy release music video for ‘Timebomb Zone’ [Watch]

Now that The Prodigy have released their full 10-track studio album, No Tourists, the group has been supplementing their monumental release with a steady stream of remixes and music videos for its various singles. The newest addition to these ancillary products is the music video for “Timebomb Zone.”

Music video is as grizzly as the song it comes with. Much like gritty synthesizers and purring bass battle each other in the song, the visual accompaniment depicts a chaotic fighting scene that ends in a positively brutal manner. The tale that unfolds is truly David and Goliath-esque, with an unexpected fighting ring win being carried out by a petite woman before an explosive ending.

No Tourists is the seventh straight studio album the band has released to hit number one.

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