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Have a look at the creative process behind deadmau5’s Cube 3.0 [Watch]

deadmau5‘s innovative genius knows no bounds, as the mau5trap label head’s current technological challenge, the Cube 3.0, illustrates. As deadmau5 prepares to present his new cube-ular setup during his headlining slot at Ultra Music Festival 2019, he’s shared some sneak peeks of the new and improved Cube through his Twitch channel, the live streaming platform that, in the past, has been deadmau5’s medium of choice for teasing unreleased music, like his Rob Swire collaboration, “Monophobia.”

deadmau5 recently returned to his virtual Twitch stomping ground to share a Cube 3.0 progress update with his fans. The mau5ville compilation curator has streamed more than 24 hours of his work on the Cube thus far, which show the producer tinkering with a variety of different software programs like Cinema 4D and Houdini FX, to usher the Cube 3.0 from idea to reality. His latest latest Cube 3.0 video report is the most comprehensive to date, in its depiction of the cube’s intended shape, the surrounding stage design, and the cube’s LED styling. deadmau5 enthusiasts can follow live developments of the Cube 3.0 by subscribing to his Twitch channel, here. Channel subscribers will receive a notification when deadmau5 next goes live, so followers can be sure not to miss a minute of the creative action.

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