Alesso announces new mixtape, ‘Progresso Volume 1’Alesso Press Shot

Alesso announces new mixtape, ‘Progresso Volume 1’

Alesso‘s name is one that has been noticeably absent from recent electronic release circles. The dance pioneer, however, is poised to soon offer his first solo original production of 2019, Progresso Volume 1. The mixtape follows Alesso’s preceding contribution to Ninjawerks Vol. 1, “Tilted Towers.” The adrenaline-spiking single prescribed a walloping dose of big room sound to the compilation, which Astralwerks and Ninja jointly debuted in part in December 2018.

Prior to the Fortnite-inspired track, Alesso dropped “REMEDY,” a sultry, vocal-centric sing-a-long friendly tune that accounted for Alesso’s last single of 2018. Progresso Volume 1 remains elusive in its track list, but as the mixtape’s title indicates, the project will surely fuel streamers’ speakers with some new progressive house material.

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